Palash Sen: No one sings about Jesus

Mumbai: Singer and music composer Palash Sen at 104 Fever FM, in Mumbai on June 23, 2016. (Photo: IANS)

Singer Palash Sen, who has launched a rock song on Jesus Christ, said that no one sings about him and that the reasons could be communal, commercial or political. While people celebrated the Easter Sunday on April 16, Sen unveiled the song ‘Jesus, the Lord has risen’.
“No one sings about a man like Jesus… the reasons could be communal, commercial or political. I have always believed music and poetic expressions are way above all this,” he said.
“The music and the film industries have regularly ignored the Christ and I have always wondered why. Lately, all one hears in the name of faith… are so-called Sufi songs,” added the frontman of band Euphoria.
Speaking on the current scenario of the music industry and singers, Sen said: “The successful singers in the industry are happy to sing songs made by others… be at the back and call of the producers and directors who treat them like crap.”

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